Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad food

I'm writing you at a sensible 6pm, instead of my usual 2am-6am time frame.

I'm writing because I am EXCITED to go to the Central tonight. Excited to dress up, listen to some good rock, and hang out.

I'm excited to meet new people. I'm excited to live. I expect I'll have fun.

But, my last blood results are STILL being processed. I can't imagine this is a good sign.

I've also been doing research not on how to lengthen my time, but on how to feel better in general. As it turns out... I eat EVERY WRONG FOOD for Lupus apparently. Ha! I guess the MSG in soy sauce for sushi activates an enzyme in my stomach that MAKES MY STOMACH SICK. If this is the cause for my nausea I'm gunna be so pissed. (And still eat it, but less often.) Also POTATOES are really bad.
Oh man, as I was reading this my heart kept sinking. Liquor is five ways from fucked. (Ok, I cut back in October, and fluctuate in my drinking patterns now, but I guess I'm gunna cut back again after the weekend, and keep my solo wine nights at bay for awhile and see how it helps.) Cheese is bad, and red meat is actually GOOD, but it has to be lean and in moderation.

One positive thing: No alfalfa sprouts. Heh. That's cool I don't eat those anyway.

Anyway, I have to eat carbs because carbs make things easier to process on my kidneys. I suppose that's exciting. Maybe I can still eat rice haha. Mmm... Maybe I should find some teriyaki.
And as I'm typing that out I'm thinking to myself doesn't teriyaki sauce contain soy sauce plus a few things? ISN'T THAT FIRST THING I JUST WROTE?

Man I suck at this game. :)

Guess I'll stick to pasta.

Anyway, another open mic Tuesday. My last one til I get back from exciting LA. :D Maybe I'll finish up the new song by then. I still need a real idea, and not just scratch lyrics.

Blah, blah, blah. :) Time to start my run. Then shower. Then off to rock! Looks like Abi and Gavin are coming- as is my new friend Lars from LA aka Dj Introcut. That may turn out to be a fruitful contact not just for LA, but he's also starting his own business and he spins trance. He also spins at the Merc on occasion.
My bestie Jay is heading out too, after he finishes with the underground tour.


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  1. I hope it was fun--your night out.

    I hate alfalfa sprouts.

    But I love you!